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Arbitration Overview

Under the Railway Labor Act, employee grievances arising under the terms of collective bargaining agreements (i.e., minor disputes) are subject to compulsory arbitration. Effective arbitration processes are therefore necessary to resolve such disputes.

The NMB administers the processes available to the parties for resolving railroad grievances. They include:

  • Public Law Boards
  • Special Boards of Adjustment
  • National Railroad Adjustment Board

The NMB certifies appointments of arbitrators to serve as neutrals on these labor/management boards in the railroad industry. To be admitted to NMB’s roster of arbitrators, an applicant must be eligible under the “Uniform Guidelines for Placement on NMB’s Roster of Arbitrators”. The “Guidelines” and relevant Application Form are available in this web site. Each applicant is notified in writing as to whether or not admittance is approved.

The NMB is also frequently asked to furnish panels of arbitrators from which the airline parties select a neutral for airline System Boards of Adjustment.