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How to Apply for Representation

How to Apply for Representation

A labor organization (organization) or an individual employee can request that the NMB investigate an alleged representation dispute by filing Form NMB-1, ”Application for Investigation of Representation Dispute,” available here:

Investigation of Representation Dispute Form – NMB.

The organization or individual is also required to file a “Notice of Appearance” with the application, which is available at the same link.

Applications for the services of the NMB under Section 2, Ninth, to investigate representation disputes among a carrier’s employees must be made on Form NMB-1, available at the link above. There must be a separate application for each craft or class. Only applications with the original signature of the applicant’s authorized designee, submitted to the NMB’s office in Washington, DC, and accompanied by original authorization cards will be accepted. Applications, Notices of Appearance, and authorization cards will not be accepted by facsimile or electronic mail. Hard copies of these documents must be mailed to:

National Mediation Board

Office of Legal Affairs

1301 K Street NW, Ste. 250E

Washington, DC. 20005

The application must meet the following requirements set forth in NMB Rule §1203.2 (29 CFR §1203.2):

  • If the Applicant is an organization, the application must be signed by the chief executive officer of the international or national organization or other specifically designated and authorized officers. If the Applicant is an individual, the application must be signed by that individual.
  • It must specify the craft or class of employees and the estimated number of employees in the craft or class.
  • It must identify whether there is an incumbent representative
  • It must be accompanied by signed authorization cards from the employees in the craft or class in dispute. The authorizations must comply with the requirements in NMB Representation Manual Sections 3.0 and 18.0 and NMB Rule § 1206.4 (29 CFR § 1206.4).

Notice(s) of Appearance for not more than three representatives must be attached to the application. The representative who will be the primary contact for the Investigator must be one of the three. Upon receipt of a proper application, an identification number will be assigned and preliminary correspondence will be initiated. The correspondence will identify the Investigator assigned.

Additional information about the Representation process can be found at