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Arbitrator Workspace (AWS)

Arbitration WorkSpace (AWS)

The AWS is an online system for arbitrators to schedule cases, make next month’s work request and report on last month’s work completed. You must register and use this system in order to be assigned cases and be paid.

Online Arbitration

Online Arbitration utilizes internet based video as a good alternative for when circumstances may preclude face-to-face arbitration or when otherwise prudent. With online conferencing, the arbitrator and carrier/union representatives can meet anytime, regardless of where each individual is located. Use of the NMB Online Video-conferencing Center for RLA matters is free to the parties and NMB arbitrators.

Free “Instructor-led” training covering the features and uses of the NMB Online Video-conferencing Center is available online to any Labor Relations practitioner under the auspices of the Railway Labor Act, which covers U.S. Railroads and Airlines.

Join the Roster

Step 1: Uniform Procedures for Placement and Retention on the National Mediation Board’s Roster of Arbitrators

Step 2: Review the Privacy Act Statement

Step 3: Submit NMB-4 Personal Data Sheet (complete pages 1 through 4)

Also submit with NMB-4 – (a) Resume and (b) Five (5) completed awards.

Step 4: Mail to Arbitration Services – use address on NMB-4 Form or email to