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How to Apply for Mediation & Mediation Application

How to Apply for Mediation

The Application for Mediation Services, Form NMB-2 (Application) must be filled out properly and signed by the individual specified in National Mediation Board’s Rules and Regulations, Section 1203.1.  When the NMB receives an Application, it reviews it to ensure it is completed properly and appropriately; improperly completed or incomplete Applications will result in delays in the application process and/or require the NMB to return the Application to the applicant for proper completion.

If a labor organization is filing the Application, the Application should be signed by the chief executive of the labor organization, typically the President.  If a carrier is filing the Application, the Application should be signed by the highest officer of the carrier who has been designated to handle disputes under the Railway Labor Act, typically the chief labor relations official.

In filling out the Parties to Dispute section of the Application, the signatory’s title and contact information should be provided in the appropriate spaces.  With respect to the name and contact information of the other party to the dispute, the applicant should identify and provide the contact information for the individual it believes best represents the other party.

In addition, it is important that each item of information requested on the application be provided, including the number of employees involved, their craft(s) or class(es), and the specific issue(s) in dispute.  All relevant attachments, including any section 6 notices, should also be provided with the Application.

Once the NMB determines the Application has been properly completed, it is processed and the case is docketed for mediation.  The NMB will send both parties a Docketing Letter and an accompanying Notice of Contact Form for each party to identify the individual(s)  who will represent them in the  Mediation.  Generally, Applications will be docketed (assigned an “A” case number) within three business days of receipt.

Applications should be sent to the NMB at the mailing address, fax number, or email address provided on the Application.  Email is the preferred method for such transmission.

Download the Application for Mediation Services, Form NMB-2