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NMB Arbitration Notices

All arbitrators should read and understand applicable notices issued by the Director of Arbitration.

04-20-20 NRAB Instructions during COVID-19
03-27-20 NMB Temporarily Closes Chicago Office to Visitors
03-27-20 Section 3 Arbitration Timelines 
03-25-20 NMB Arbitrator Travel Restrictions
Notice to Fed. Gov’t Employees & Contractors re Safeguarding Government-Classified Information
06-25-19 NMB Caseload Audit – FY 2019
05-30-19 Unfunded Liability 2019 and NMB Ambassador Program
02-05-19 Notice on Fiscal Year  2018
06-01-18 FY 2018 Notice of Audit  2018 Web Audit Instructions
05-10-18 Deadline for Cases Funded in Fiscal Year 2017
04-23-18 Changes to Arbitrator Work Space Memorandum