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Weekly Activity Report February 21-25, 2022

Weekly Activity Report
February 21  – February 25, 2022

New Dockets: 

Case #  Carrier  Org.  Craft/Class  Mediator(s) 
A-14009 Soo Line Railroad Company-Canadian Pacific BLET Locomotive Engineers McGuckin
A-14010 Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railway- Canadian Pacific BLET Locomotive Engineers, Conductors and Trainmen McGuckin

Ratifications: None
Cooling Off Periods/Strike Activity: None
New Applications: None
Ballot Instructions Mailed:

Case #  Carrier  Org.  Approx. No. of  
Emp.-Craft or Class
R-7569  Midway Southern  Railway SMART-TD  16-Train and Engine Service Yoder

Elections Underway: 

Case # Carrier Org. Approx. No. of Emp. Craft or Class Count Date Investigator
R-7570 Columbus and Greenville Railway Company SMART & TOPS 22 – Train and Service Employees March 3, 2022 Hennessey
R-7569  Midway  Southern  


SMART-TD  16-Train and Engine Service April 6, 2022 Yoder
R-7563 Meridian and Bigbee Railroad, LLC SMART 7 – Maintenance of Way Employees March 29, 2022 Hennessey

Cases Closed: 

Case # Carrier Org. Craft or Class Disposition Investigator
R-7572 (CR-7216) Alaska Airlines, Inc. AMFA Maintenance Controllers FUI Dismissal Yoder
R-7566 Arizona Eastern Railway Company SMART Train and Engine Service Employees Certification Gross
R-7571 Ann Arbor Railroad SMART 23- Train and Engine Service Employees Dismissal Yoder

Interference Cases: None
ARBITRATION (estimates)
Please click on the link below to view open and closed Arbitration cases.
NMB Open/Closed Report