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Weekly Activity Report – June 11 – June 15, 2012

June 11 — June 15, 2012


New Dockets:  

Case No. Carrier Org. Class/Craft Mediator(s)
T-0282 CSX Rainey/Darr/Nordgren
T-0283 IAM Assorted Sims/Hedges
T-0284 Korean Delegation Gray/Mullins
GM-0120 Union Pacific RR BLET Engineers Kelliher
F-0127 Department of Labor Brown/Mullins

Mediation Cases Assigned/Reassigned:  

Case No. Carrier Org. Mediator(s)
A-13663 Illinois Central RR Company BRS Kane
A-13664 Grand Trunk Western Railroad BRS Kane
A-13665 Wisconsin Central Transportation BRS Kane
A-13666 Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad BRS Kane
A-13667 Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad Co. BRS Kane

Meetings, Training and Facilitation:  

Case No. Carrier Org. Location Mediator(s)
A-13626 Compass AFA Houston, TX Darr
A-13589-90 CAL/UAL ALPA New York, NY McGuckin/Sims
A-13609 PSA ALPA San Antonio, TX Mackenzie
A-13527-32 UAL IAM Rosemont, IL Kelliher/Nordgren


Case No. Carrier Org. Status Mediator(s)
A-13634 Continental IAM Gray TA Ratified

Cooling-Off Periods/Strike Activity:  None


New Applications:  None

Ballot Instructions Mailed:  None

Elections Underway:  

Case No. Carrier Org. Approx. No. of Emp.-Craft or Class Count Date Investigator
R-7326 New Orleans and Gulf Coast Railway NOGCTU
17-Train & Engine Service Employees 6/28/2012 Hennessey

Cases Closed:  

Case No. Carrier Org. Craft or Class Disposition
R-7323 United Air Lines IAM 53-Maintenance Instructors Certification
R-7329 Aircraft Service international SEIU 210-Fleet Service Employees Dismissal — Withdrawn During Investigation

ARBITRATION (estimates)
October 1, 2011 through June 15, 2012

Cases Pending at
Start of FY2011
New Cases Closed Cases Cases
NRAB 1,233 657 576 1,314
PLB 964 2,157 1,576 1,545
SBA 187 163 217 133
2,384 2,977 2,369 2,992